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KIT Korea is 
a specialized supplier of marking machines and official distributor of Leibinger with sales right for South Korea.

We have branches not only across South Korea but also in China, Vietnam, and India. With out post-sale support network that goes beyond South Korea and covers the entire world, we provide unstinted technical support for the products we have sold.

Focusing the company management on customer satisfaction, KIT Korea Co., Ltd. boasts its know-how achieved in supplying equipment to diverse-ranging industries (such as electronics, food, medicine, pharmaceutical, automobile, metals, chemistry, electric cables, and electricity).

The company goes from here to boast the technology that can be applied to all manufacturing lines of the customers.

We are grateful to our customers for paying attention to KIT Korea and we promise that we will do our best to provide even faster and more accurate services.

Staff of KIT Korea

주소 : 경북 구미시 수출대로 1길 50 (공단동) 

공장 : 경기도 안산시 단원구 동산로 63 (원시동 773-9번지)

상호 : (주)케이아이티 코리아   |   주소 : Head Office. 경북 구미시 수출대로 1길 50 (공단동)   경기도 안산시 단원구 동산로 63 (원시동 773-9번지)

Tel : 054-471-7921  |   Fax : 054-471-7931  |  email :

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