- Print speed up to 600 m/min

- Character height 1.0 to 24 mm

- Country- and industry-specific fonts: Arabic, Cyrillic, Chinese, Persian, etc.

- Print modes: from 3x7 to 32x20, special fonts,user-programmable fonts, vertical printing, line mode.

- Multiline fonts (1 to 5 lines).

- Fonts and graphics can be positioned and combined in print jobs as required

- Proportional function for all fonts

- Adjustable font height and font width

- All standard barcodes and DataMatrix codes (ECC 200), GS1-DataMatrix (EAN/ECC), QR code, PPN code (only JET Rapid)

- Only barcodes up to a print height of 7 dots with Speed Plus option

- Time, auto-adjustable date, auto-adjustable expiration date, weekdays, calendar weeks, Julian calendar, shift identification

- Replacements: all date, time and counter functions can be set using user-programmed Replacements

- 32 individually programmable counters, consecutive numbering, production counter, meter marking with "Meter Go" function

- User-programmable graphics/logos can be created in the integrated editor

- Multistage contrast and bold function, print repetition, print delay, backward print, rotation/mirroring of text, inverse, reverse and alternating prints (object-dependent)

- Dynamic backward printing for traversing lines

- Programmable batch production and interlinking of multiple jobs

- "External text" function from scanner or interface

- Processing of variable data from external files on USB stick or interface

- Function to stop printing when preselected amount has been reached

- Product jam detection, product position monitoring

- Autostart function

- Prompt function (quick access)

- Solvent saving mode


- Product detector input PNP/NPN 24 V, FIFO buffered

- Incremental encoder input (TTL 5 V, HTL 24V, RS422 5 V)

- 9 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs.Freely selectable

- Printer alarm, low fluid, print ready, print finished, external job selection, etc.

- Serial port RS232 up to 115,200 baud

- USB port

- Ethernet (industry standard M12D), script protocol

- Sensor for product monitoring and speed measurement

- Optional: Special interface for connecting multiple printers


- 100 - 240 V, 50 - 60 Hz, typically 20 W

- Temperature range + 5 °C to + 45 °C

- Relative humidity max. 90%, non-condensing

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