. Feature

- A complete system made up of touchscreen, image sensor, rack, and wirings

- Prompt and easy integration that ensures direct connection with Leibinger JET3up and JET2 Neo inkjet printer series

- The bidirectional data exchange between V-check and inject printer ensures easy operating and monitoring

- All software licenses included


Delivering big-sized products will create troubles for all manufacturers: recalls and complaints.

However, it is possible to pick out wrongly or incompletely marked products in the early phase of the production

Leibinger's V-check Vision system guarantees highly reliable production by comparing printing data such as reference samples, characters, numerics, logos, and images.

Such quality control can save cost in the long run as it delivers not only long-lasting product quality but also customer satisfaction.


V-check enables 100% inspection of pre-selected elements. Therefore, it unmistakably checks quality and omission for texts, serial numbers, and lot numbers that vary with date.

V-check sends a signal to Leibinger inkjet printer when it detects a wrongly coded product.

V-check either operates an additional system that can stop the production line or alerts the operator with corresponding sound or light signals. Leibinger monitoring system ensures that completely and accurately marked products alone are delivered to customers.

Prompt start by easy integration

V-check, which is composed of image sensor and 3.5-inch touchscreen, combines with JET3 UP and Jet2 Neo, Leibinger's inkjet printers (buyable as upgrade kits).

For this, space-saving image sensor is installed in print head and the  touchscreen docking station is installed in the printer. But the ergonomic screen remains flexible.

This can be easily removed from the docking station and can be held in hands.

V-check integration is done promptly and easily as the set includes all needed cables and rack. Computer is not necessary.

Completely integrated system

When continuous data exchange between V-check and inkjet printer is completed, the image sensor detects the accurate position of each coding.

The printer that has received reliable sensor data can take additional actions where necessary (such as warning signal, print stop). The numerous settings for the image sensor are arranged right on the printer menu.

Usable anywhere

Vision System, which is installed with all Leibinger inkjet printers, is used for all industries such as coding and marking for packaging, food, drinks, printing, injection, electronics, plastics, and auto.

. Specifications

touch screen
detachable 3.5-inch color touchscreen
320 x 240 pixels RGB
Operating temperature
0℃-50℃ (32℉-122℉) IP20
Viewing angle
60 degrees to left and 60 degrees to right
50 degrees up and 55 degrees down
Protection rating

Image sensor
Imaging device
1/3" CMOS 752x480 pixels
Built-in lens
8㎜ (LMF8)
Read speed
max. 98 frames/sec
Inspections cope
30㎜ x 22 ㎜ (adjustable)
Sensor housing
black PBT metal housing
Ring light source
white LED
Operating temperature
0℃-40℃ (32℉-104℉)
Protection rating
IP 67

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