. Feature

- An industrial contactless inkjet printer that implements all types of coding and marking

- Easy assembly and installation

- Easy to use!

- Top-notch quality guaranteed


The low usage of solvent is guaranteed with EcoSolv, a solvent recycling system.

The product does not involve a cost for air compression, which is crucial to ensure the efficient use of Jet2 Neo.


To fulfill the ecological philosophy, Jet2 Neo satisfies all the requirements such as REACH and ROHS.

Also, it preserves our resources and environment with low consumption.

Permanent validity

Leibinger's Sealtronic, which is an automatic nozzle cap, guarantees the instant operability of Jet 2 Neo.

It keeps ink from drying even when nozzle, suction tube, and printer pause for a long time. It has been proven with 1,000 tests.

Fairness and transparency in extended technical support

Jet2 Neo allows the replacement of all its components without incurring costs.

If necessary, assembly ready parts can be replaced easily.

Several reasonably selected changes are implement for scheduled repair and maintenance only.

. Product Video
. Specifications

Jet2neo / Jet2neo S
Nozzle size
60㎛, 70㎛
64 adn 96 kHz
Umbilical angle
Umbilical angle 90°
Umbilical length 6m
Umbilical length 10m
Special head
Precision head
Head size
212mm x 41mm
Touchscreen size
USB, Ethenet

RS232 interface
SD card slot
Interface module
Select internal line No., external task
No. of lines
Font editor
Task batching
Work group
Meter mobility
Database in USB stick
Protection IP54

Protection IP65
Non-pigment inks
black, red, details
Soft pigment ink
Pigment ink
RFID system/tag system

Encoder type
Sub-D HD
Printing type
Sub-D 9
Winjet software
Jet edit3 software
Wreath label
User-defined software
Refill system
semi-open refill system
Electronic structure
Controller + mark in Print
Nozzle replacement
requires tools
Nozzle structure
composed of 4 parts

Jet2 Neo
Printout & Functions
  • Printing speed: 4.4m/sec (10cpi)
  • Printing size: minimum 1.2-11㎜
  • It supports fonts that match countries and industries. e.g., Arabic, Chinese, Persian
  • Font: from 5*5 to 24*18, special fonts, tower printing
  • Multi-line (1 to 3 lines)
  • It can freely combine and arrange fonts and graphics
  • Proportions adjustable for all fonts
  • Font height and width adjustable
  • All kinds of barcodes and data matrix code (ECC200)
  • GS1 data matrix (EAN/ECC)
  • time, automatic date adjustment, automatic maturity adjustment, calendar week, Julian calendar, identified mobility
  • Function replacement: all date, time, and calculation functions can be replaced according to the user's program
  • Three different printing programs, serial number, output calculation, meter marking
  • The graphic logos which can be used in the user's program are eligible for comprehensive editing
  • Various brightness levels and bold typeface, repeat printing, delayed printing, backward printing, font rotation/reverse rotation, forward/reverse direction and replacement printing (in relation to products)
  • Various backward prints for multi-angle survey lines
  • External text (printing external text through interface)
  • Pause when preset quantity is reached
  • Ink consumption: 120 million characters/LTR. (matrix 7*5/nozzle 60 micro). Dye-based ink and soft pigment ink.
  • Fast-drying ink (1 sec)
  • Ketone ink, MEK-free ink, alcohol-based ink
  • Ink colors: black, yellow, red, blue, etc.
  • Ink resisting temperature and mobility
  • Security ink, color-changing ink, adhesive ink, alcohol and sterilization resisting ink
  • Ink for food packaging
  • Personalized ink
Print head
  • Flexible shape, length 3m
  • Stainless steel body
  • Fully-automatic nozzle and gutter cap
  • Fully-automatic ink drop filling, ink drop stop
  • Inkjet adjustment
  • Jet2 Neo nozzle size: 70 micro
  • 360-degree assembly up and down
  • Safety lock for locking print head
  • Option: head aeration
Oil Tank
  • Pressurized tank and solvent tank can hold 1.3qt
  • Refill possible while printing
  • Automatic level adjustment
  • Product detector, vertical encoder, print stand, print head cover, alarm lamp, etc.
  • Software: remote control by manipulating external software
Data Management & Security
  • Countless tasks and graphics saved
  • Data buffering device against power supply errors
  • Explorer
  • Printing data and the printing tasks in mechanical parameters saved
  • Data logging
  • Uploading & downloading the graphics and tasks used in USB
  • Task selection:235 outside tasks can be selected through digital display
Interface, Input & Output
  • Product detector PNP/NPN 24V
  • Encoder output according to printing speed and mobility (TTL5V, HTL24V, RS442 5V)
  • (TTL5V, HTL24V, RS442 5V) 5 inputs and 4 outputs
  • Print alarm, low fluid, print ready, print finished
  • Selectable external tasks, etc.
  • USB port
  • Network, Ethernet (RJ45)
User interface
  • 100V-240V, 50-60Hz, Max. 40VA
  • Temperature: between 5 and 45℃
  • Max humidity of 90%, noncondensing
  • External air pressure not needed
Operation & Data Display
  • 5.7-color TFT touchscreen display (VGA), backlight
  • Task editing and adjustment during production
  • Supported languages: European languages, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Thai, etc.
  • Comprehensive graphic editing
  • Vicarious adjustment through data interface (Ethernet)
  • Screen keyboard
  • Compatible with mouse or keyboard
  • Comprehensive self-diagnostics and display in an easy-to-understand language
  • Status indication, help, printer status (pilot lamp)
  • Password function and service menu
  • Windows-based interface, WYSIWYG-display
Hydraulic system
  • Diaphragm pump boasting low upkeep and optimized time
  • Fully-automatic viscosity and pressure control
  • Thermally separated hydraulic system
  • External supply of compressed air not necessary
  • Automatic spacing
  • EcoSolv - solvent recycling system (optional)
Body size
  • Print head weight: 1.5㎏
  • Equipment weight: 17㎏
  • Protection and prevention glass: IP54

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