. Feature

- New integrated board and new power supply

- Improved performance

- Latest upgrade with advanced technology

- Cost-saving long life of parts

- Built-in board fan by default

- Low heat generation: low energy consumption

Nozzle shut-off valve

Before the printer is turned off, the gutter tube moves to the O-ring of the nozzle to shut off the nozzle, effectively stopping clogging of ink by completely checking air from passing through the ink retrieval tube.

It does not require the nozzle cleaning process which is time-consuming for both manual and automatic.

Head assembly

The newly developed round-shaped print head is fastened conveniently with a clip and is housed in a robust aluminum case inside the stainless steel head cover.

Printer head has the rating of IP54. It can be opened or closed conveniently and quickly with the Open-Close button. Designed as a module, it assures user-friendly repair and maintenance.

Internal cover ensures appropriate arrangement of connecting cables and protects their connection.


Monitoring of the ink retrieval flow ensures stable operation.

. Product Video
. Specifications

Jet3 up
Printout & functions
  • Printing speed: 6.6m/sec (10cpi)
  • Printing size: min. 0.8-16㎜
  • Printing speed by character: 3,200 characters/sec
  • Printing port: 5X5 to 32X24 / logo and image inserted
  • Various languages selected: Chinese, English, Korean etc. simultaneously selectable
  • It can print 1 to 5 lines
  • It can use different fonts in different lines
  • It can save a large volume of 1,024 messages
  • Real-time count monitor
  • 2D barcode and other various barcodes supported
  • Meter marking (real-time meter printing supported)
  • Multiple counts supported
  • Input in Korean supported
  • Repeat printing and delayed printing
  • Message-specific parameters saved
  • Message-specific preferences saved
  • Backup and saving
Operation and Inputting
  • 10.4" color TFT touchscreen (SVGA)
  • New tasks and task editing
  • Selectable operating languages: English, German, Chinese, Korean etc.
  • Font editor supported
  • Logo editor supported
  • RS232: 9,600-115,200Bps
  • RS422: optional
Power supply specifications
  • Main power: 110V-220V, 50-60Hz
  • Power consumption: 40VA
  • Temperature: 5-45℃
  • Humidity: 10-90%
Input & output devices
  • Product sensor: PNP/NPN 24V
  • Vertical encoder
  • Ink refill, error, printing ready, printing finished
  • Counter increase, counter reset, real-time counter display
  • Ink spray, ink stop, selectable messages
  • Cut cables and wires signal
  • RS232C (serial interface)
  • USB port
  • Ethernet port
  • Other digital input & output devices
  • 130 million characters per liter (7x5,500 micro nozzle)
  • Fast-drying ink (drying within 1 second)
  • Alcohol and aquatic ink
  • Alcohol-resisting ink
  • Ink for food packagings (FDA-approved)
  • High-temperature ink
  • Various colors
  • Pigment ink
Body and head
  • Print head: 1.5㎏
  • Body: 20.5㎏
  • Fully-automatic nozzle and gutter shut-off valve
  • Stainless steel body and cover
  • Flexible 3m cable (with optional 10m)
  • Automatic ink drip adjuster
  • Nozzle size: 40, 50, 60 and 70 micro
  • Supported printing directions: all directions
  • Product detection sensor, printer stand
  • Head stand, head bracket, vertical encoder, alarm lamp

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